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Error Messages

I was under the impression that the new version of DBManSQL (2.1.0) would not be language dependent (and in fact the new manual says on page 5 - Language Independent: English is not used within the DBManSQL code.............).

How about the following error messages in admin/GT/SQL.pm, are any of them viewable by users???

# Common Errors
'UNIQUE' => "The column '%s' must be unique, and already has an entry '%s'.",
'NOTABLE' => 'No table defined -- call $db->table($table) before accessing.',
'BADMETHOD' => "Invalid method: '%s' invoked.",
'CANTOPEN' => "Cannot open file '%s'. Reason: %s",
'INVALIDMETHOD' => "Invalid method: '%s' called.",
'FILENOEXISTS' => "File '%s' does not exist or the permissions are set incorrectly",
'TBLENOEXISTS' => "Table %s has not been created yet",
# GT::SQL Errors
'NODRIVER' => "Database driver %s is not installed. Available drivers: %s",
'CANTLOAD' => "Unable to load driver %s (%s).",
'BADCONFIG' => "Configuration file '%s' has been corrupted. Reason: %s",
'BADPREFIX' => "Invalid prefix: '%s'.",
'NODATABASE' => "No database def file -- create def file with ->set_connect before calling \$obj->%s.",
'CANTCONNECT' => "Could not connect to database. Reason: %s",
'CANTPREPARE' => "Failed to prepare query: '%s' Reason: %s",
'CANTEXECUTE' => "Failed to execute query: '%s' Reason: %s",
'BADSUBCLASS' => "Unable to load subclass: '%s' Reason: %s",
'NEEDDEBUG' => "You must turn on debug in order to access query logs.",
'NOORACLEHOME' => "The environment variable ORACLE_HOME is not defined. It must be defined for the script to connect properly.",
'NONLSDATE' => "Unable to set NLS_DATE_FORMAT. Reason: %s",
# Table Errors
'BADNAME' => "Invalid table name '%s'.",
'NOTNULL' => "Column %s cannot be left blank.",
'NORECMOD' => "The record you are attempting to modify no longer exists in the current table.",
'NOVALUES' => "You did not pass any valid column names to %s.",
'BADMULTVALUES' => "One or more of the value groups passed to %s contained an incorrect number of values.",
'FKRELATION' => "Column %s breaks foreign key relation with the %s table.",
'NOPKTOMOD' => "Cannot modify record, no primary key specified.",
'DEPENDENCY' => "Table %s has dependencies. Aborting",
'ILLEGALVAL' => "%s cannot contain the value '%s'",
'ALREADYCHANGED'=> "The record you are attempting to modify has changed since you last accessed it.",
'REGEXFAIL' => "The regular expressions %s for this column is not properly formed.",
'RECORDEXISTS' => "The record you are trying to add already exists.",
'EXECNOSTH' => "You can't call %s whithout calling %s first.",
'FKNOTABLE' => "A foreign key is referencing a non existant table: %s. GT::SQL load error: %s",
'CIRCULAR' => "Circular reference detected in the foreign key schema. Already seen column: %s.",
'CIRCULARLIMIT' => "Loop detected in circular reference check, hit maximum recursion depth of 100.",
# Relation Errors
'BADCOLS' => "Bad columns / column clash: columns named '%s' have been found in current relation, please qualify your expression.",
'BADCONSTRAINTS'=> "Cannot insert into relation as table '%s' is not loaded.",
# Creator Errors
'BADTYPE' => "%s is not a supported type.",
'AINOTPK' => "Column %s defined as auto_increment but is not an int.",
'TBLEXISTS' => "Could not create table '%s'. Reason: It already exists",
'NOTABLEDEFS' => "You must define your table before creating it",
'NOPOS' => "No position column was found in definition for column: %s",
# Editor Errors
'NOCOL' => "There is no column %s in this table.",
'REFCOL' => "You cannot alter column %s, as table %s still has references to it. Remove those references first.",
'NOPK' => "There is no primary key for this table.",
'COLREF' => "You cannot alter column %s, as it is a foreign key. Remove the foreign key first.",
'NOINDEX' => "You are trying to modify an index that does not exist",
'NOUNIQUE' => "You are trying to drop a unique column '%s', but it is not unique.",
'INDXQTEXT' => "Cannot create index on '%s' as it is a text/blob field.",
'COLEXISTS' => "Unable to add column '%s' - already exists.",
'NOTUNIQUE' => "Cannot create unique index on '%s', data is not unique.",
'INDXEXISTS' => "Unable to add index '%s' - already exists.",
'PKTEXT' => "Column %s specified as a primary key but is a text or a blob type",
'UNIQTEXT' => "Column %s specified as a unique but is a text or blob column type",
'TABLEREFD' => "%s cannot be dropped as table still has references to it",
'PROTECTED' => "Column %s is a protected field and cannot be edited or dropped",
'NOFILESAVEIN' => "Column %s must have file_save_in set if is to be File type",
'NEEDCHAR' => "The FILE Field, %s, must have a CHAR Column type.",
'NODIRPRIV' => "Privileges on directory %s do not allow write or directory does not exist",
'SAMEDRIVER' => "Search Driver (%s) is the same.",
# Admin Errors
'NOACTION' => "The CGI object passed in did not contain an action for me. %s",
# Tree errors
'NOTREE' => "No tree object exists for table '%s'. Create a tree first with \$editor->add_tree",
'NOTREEOBJ' => "You attempted to call '%s' without a valid tree object. Call \$table->tree() first",
'TREEEXISTS' => "A tree already exists for table '%s'",
'TREENOCANDO' => "You attempted to call '%s' on table '%s', but that table has a tree attached and does not support the command.",
'TREENOIDS' => "You did not pass any ID's to %s.",
'TREEBADPK' => "You tried to create a tree on table '%s', but that table doesn't have a primary key, or has multiple primary keys.",
'CANTCREATETREE'=> "Unable to create tree table. Reason: '%s'",
'TREEBADJOIN' => "Joining more than 2 tables with a tree is not supported. You attempted to join: %s",
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