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Automation System Custom Mod

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Automation System Custom Mod

I need a mod to randomly select 10 listings that are from the database, and place them on the front page of our web site via SSI. The script needs to keep track of all of the listings it has already randomly selected to make sure it doesn't place them on the page again. When it gets to the end and has done them all, then it starts over making sure not to use the same 10 listings it did last time. We have a limited budget of about $100. If you can help, I would appreciate it. It everything turns out good, we may use you for our next bigger project of incorperating a buying and membership system. We can give you $35 up front and then the $65 ater the project is finished. If you are intrested please email me at dgtech@riverview.net and type in the subjet "TARTSG MOD JOB". Or private message me, email is better.


ps. I need to choose the fields that it places on the main page, Name, email, Title etc..And the way it looks
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