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In light of recent discussions and much thought, I have decided to no longer post plug-ins in the Links download area. I have had Editor Monitor removed and I will not be posting ToolBox or any other plug-ins there, for now at least.

It is not my intention to "bug" people's systems, but rather to enhance them. I write plug-ins :
  1. Because I enjoy doing it!
  2. Because it sets my website out from the rest, and fulfills my needs
  3. Some people like what I am doing, and want the same features, for which I am happy to share in return for a small reward. (I think the prices are not the issue)
  4. And lastly, because I am learning, and will always be a student of new things!

There are great developers on this forum, and I am striving to become one of them. It saddens me to read some of the comments on this forum from people who seem to expect help, but are also quick to dish out non-constructive (and in some cases negative) comments about the plugins being developed. DONT DOWNLOAD IT, if you dont like the developer, or don't intend on buying the product! I don't support leaving KNOWN bugs around without some kind of heads up about it, but this is usually not the case.

Alex has commented on looking at the download system, and maybe there will be a better environment for this soon.

I will continue to support my exisiting customers. As for new customers (the ones that have already messaged me), I will support you also. If you REALLY want one of my plug-ins, then you just have to visit my website, and download the paid version there. There is plenty of material around on the posts plus screenshots to see what it does. If this does not suit you, that is fine. I will be setting up whatever kind of screenshots or mockups (non-active) for ToolBox that I can.

I will continue to improve my plugins regardless of negative comments also. I like these plugins, and so it seems others do. I am happy to say, that I have had 99% positive feedback about my work, and I am really pleased about this.

As three months ago, I did not know a single line of Perl (I once knew C++, assembler etc) but that was a long time ago. And thanks to the great help on here (fellow developers mostly), I too am able to enjoy enhancing this great product. I beleive in returning the favor wherever I can, especially to new guys on this forum.

But please, give the guys helping you out and the developers on the forum some gratitude for the work they do - FOR YOU!


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