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protected admin area

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protected admin area
The other question I have (see below for ones on usage) is about password protection of the Admin.cgi page. I thought I was making a protected directory,
but it did not work.

I should note that the installation was done FOR me. So any answers should take into account that I am not that experienced in cgi scripts.

On my lesk account, I happen to have once made a directory for
a different thing, and that works ok:


Where the directory is uploads/

And that is enterered in my plesk control panel as


Though in the fttp directory the actual address is httpdocs/uploads

(we are supposed to use that ftp address)

Now in this case (LINKS) , the cgi bin is OUTSIDE the httpdocs directory. While

the sysop of the webhost says we should not use that, others here have said it is fine, and in fact it is working.

I have entered:


which doesn't work. (

It makes sense it doesn't work, since that would reflect an actual

address of


and I don't want it to be in http docs, right?

(As said, the administrator claims we can't use cgi-bin as it is now,
so he may get angry).

In other words my website http://tokyoprogressive.org

is acually fttped as tokyoprogressive/httpdocs/directory/directory

But the links program is fttped as tokyoprogressive/cgi-bin/admin/

Well, I thought if the solution is not easyto find, I can make a
password for the page with my bravenet account I think.

But all these kinds of scripts require you to put a password that is hosted

at bravenet, etc. into an html document. I have a feeling I can't add such code to the admin.cgi

document. Any advice on how to configure the panel? Or use some other script?
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