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The end of IIS (hopefuly?!)

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The end of IIS (hopefuly?!)
[ from slashdot.org ]

Apache: Apache 2.0 vs. IISPosted by michael on Saturday January 12, @10:54PM
from the no-holds-barred dept.
TonyG writes: "According to an item on InternetNews, the impending release of Apache 2.0 could very well mean the demise of IIS. Interestingly, the article asserts that Microsoft have already given up on IIS, the proof being its absence in XP Home and its non-standard presence in XP Pro. Apache.Net? Sounds catchy..." That's a silly argument by the internetnews.com writer - IIS isn't in the Home edition because Microsoft wants to charge more for "server" operating systems, not because they're "admitting defeat". But it's a decent look at the upcoming Apache 2.0.

- wil
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