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Re: [jagerman] Gossamer Forum Update!

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Re: [jagerman] Gossamer Forum Update! In reply to
MAC - OS X 10.0 and M$ 5.1beta1 <-- latest M$ until tomorrow ... had to rebuild my system .... hehe, I played to much with my apache settings Pirate

I just stopped by the user settings page .... CoolCool we can set the search and other options now !!!

Just thought of something for GT 's forums (and others)

how about an option user profile area -- that's is 1 step beyond what is now available ... for the forums here at GT it might be nice to have an area where users could record their system information ie ... I'm hosting on a RAQ XYZ and I develop on a AIX dev box .... blah blah type of idea ...

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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