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Re: [youradds] html and .htpassword for cgi

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Re: [youradds] html and .htpassword for cgi In reply to
This is what my friendly ISP Hoster says they are very good but i also dont understand
why i cant have .htpassword with the html in the cgi bin for my new domain instead of older yes i can and i have also
links 2.0 runing there...

ISP Hoster reply:
"First, cgi-bin is very secure, if you use it.. no html can be used in here.
as the web server will not load it to end user
However, this is not a problem you have to deal with, simply use another
directory instead of cgi-bin
create a cgibin for example... it will run cgi's as well, but not have the
protection cgi-bin has"

What do u suggest? trying to put a .htaccess myself there or it must be done by the isp itself?
This really sucks i am not sure how to change all templates to another directory out of the cgi-bin then script may not work..

Thanx for your reply btw Ace

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