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Where would you expect the [code] to end?

What would you do if someone writes: [code][code]abc[/code][/code].

What you are suggesting, if I understand you correctly, is this:

For tags that have a /tag, only change them if the /tag can be found.

Well, the problem with that is that the markup in Gossamer Forum is totally admin controlled - they could create any tags that look like anything they want, the only condition being that the tag is surrounded by [ ] (Actually, an admin could even go beyond this - notice all markup posts containing Gossamer Threads convert Gossamer Threads into a link).

Now, let's say I'm the admin, and I think the default blue text is a little too light to go on the blue background, and so I want to darken it a bit, perhaps like this blue. So, I go into the admin, and edit the [blue] tag making it
<font color="#0000B0">
instead of
<font color="blue">
If all the posts were stored in their HTML format, this would mean that only new posts are going to show up with blue like this instead of like this.

That's not so great. To get over this, the way the forum was designed is that whatever you enter - be it markup, HTML, or a combination of the two - is stored in the database. This provides the added advantage that the program does not have to guess how to change HTML back into markup - it will always display exactly what was enetered. It also allows for features like the undocumented literal=1 that I mentioned in this thread. If it's Markup (or the combined HTML/Markup style) all markup will be converted every time the page is displayed.

Obviously, this isn't too fast, however our tests show that the actual conversion speed really doesn't slow down the display very much. If we had to go through and find the start and end of each tag, it would definately slow it down. So, the only solution would be to store the posts in HTML format - in which case the admin changes would not be visible.

Jason Rhinelander
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