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wwwThreads is a given. vBulletin apparently has a hellish beta cycle were each version is as buggy as the last. phorum / and phpBB are ones to watch out for. phpBB escpecially. php / mySQl equipped with speeds to match. hmmm ... does G-Forum calculate page creation? phpBB can pump pages out in like 0.01 seconds .. browser is what slows it down.

Apparently what G-Forum has is a backend that uses similar (same) scripts as G-Mail / LinksSQL /DBManSQL, what was it that Eliot said ... something about it being more than just software. If so G-Forum will roll all over UBB and many others.

hmmm ... I now have 2 software packages to wait for impaitently.
OS X 10.1 and G-Forums

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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