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Editors again...

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Editors again...

i run into a new problem with count editors:

the routine i use is:
sub {
# show total number of editors
return $DB->table ('Editors')->count({CanAddLink => 'Yes'});

Its working fine, but it counts wrong cuz it counts all entries in the table, but i think the table of editors is organized like one row for each right of user...

So if one user is editor for 3 cats, you get 3 editors...
I'm poor with all the programming stuff, does anyone know how to do it better?


Is there a way to show all tables with their properties?
i cant find the properties (all of them) for the editors...

other thoughts about editors:

does anyone have a page for explain how to and why become a editor? and a guide for the editor i miss too...
also i would like to know if a user sign in and validate....
you dont know and you cant show them...the only way i got is to show all users....phew
has anyone the same idea or problems or solved them?

Thanks for help

Christian Freidl


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