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1- How do you access the editors database and assign categories to them?

Good question :) Might not be ready yet. I have a vague memory of that being a plug-in.

2- How do you create alt category? ( I wanna place some links in different category without having a dublicate link showing up).

You don't really create alt categories. You edit the link record and select multiple categories for it. There is no such thing as primary/alt categories. ALl links are assigned to categories via the CatLinks table, which contains only a CategoryID:LinkID pair. You get all links in a certain category by:

Select LinkID from CatLinks where CategoryID='nnn'

You can select all categories any link is in by doing:

Select CategoryID from CatLinks where LinkID='nnn'

Since each CategoryID:LinkID is a unique pairing, no link can be in the same category twice.

3- Alex mentioned in a previous thread that the editor name tag will be available in the SQL 2 templetes, I could not find the right one yet.

This may be part of the question you asked in #1

4- Is there a way in add.cgi to make the drop down menu of categories available to choose from. I mean that the user does not have to be in the exact directory to add his/her link.

Same as in Links SQL 1.x, and before. Set db_gen_categories in the Build_Options list to "yes"

5 - Another issue some of my user are having is recieving an error message:
Unable to auto-create user: username. Reason: The column 'Status' must be unique, and already has an entry 'Not Validated'.
Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

This is more complicated. i'm going to start a new thread for it.

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