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Re: Couple of Questions for Alex

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Sorry, I ain't even close to Alex...but the following info may help...

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Does DBmansql come with sufficient documentation re: setup, installation and data re: how to convert Dbman features to DBmansql?...
Not really...but the set-up is relatively easy with the setup.cgi script. Converting any flat file based script into MySQL or MSSQL is a pain...and takes awhile to do.

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my virtual server has a control panel which allows for up to 5 Mysql databases on a separate server...is this a problem?
Nope...because you should be able to create tons of tables within each database.

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should Mysql be installed on the same server as the script??....
Nope...and in fact, in terms of data processing, security, etc., it is best to have MySQL installed on another machine.


Eliot Lee

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