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Thanks eliot,

Yip, I've got those codes in place. I'm calling the subroutine 'process_form' from INSIDE the 'sub main', which is where the link ID is getting called and placed into the $rec. All is working well, the $rec contains the link data ok, until I try to pass the $rec details to the process_form sub. This is how it stands at the moment but is still giving a hash error...

inside the sub main I call the sub process_form below...

&process_form ({%$rec}, $in, $dynamic);

which calles this sub routine...

sub process_form {
# --------------------------------------------------------
my ($in, $dynamic, $rec) = @_;

## Call a sub routine in httmtemplate file, and pass the rec informaion through to the template again.

&site_html_recommend ({ error => "Made it to the process_form sub", %in, %$rec }, $dynamic) and return;

and is giving the error...

Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at... (points to the sub process_form &site_html_recommend call above.)

Can you see anything glaringly obvious stuffed up with the code?

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