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where is?....

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where is?....
First let me ask, where is a full guide to links sql on the web or otherwise, I have read the readme.txt file and while it contains usefull information it doesn't really tell me all that I need to know.

Hence I am fearfull to be asking question here about simple little things that others already know, and start some kind of war of words.

But.... I am now up to the customization phase of Links sql, I understand the templates and am making headway, though my question is this:

In the home.html template, there is the tag <%category%> which will display the top level categories, what I would like to know is how is that controlled, we don't use the standard templates, and so the size of the font is huge with our design, we wish to make it smaller, what file controls the size of the output of the category tag for the home.html template?

We have tried wrapping the category tag in a font tag but that doesn't work because of this ( class="link" ). We don't use css due to the way netscape renders it terribly and would like to find out where it is that is putting this into the page.

Thank you

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