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[UPDATED] UserLookup 1.05

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[UPDATED] UserLookup 1.05
Userlookup has been updated:

It now works in either Javascript or SSI mode.

UserLookup 1.05 http://www.netmall.net/UserLookup.tar

To include the current user via javascript in dynamic or static modes use this tag:
<script language='javascript' src='<%build_root_url%>/user-lookup.cgi?js=1'> </script>
To use via SSI, execute the script via SSI, without the js=1 parameter.

Note: I know there has been plenty of discussion of JS portibility and overhead. This has been tested on IE 5, as well as Communicator 4.77. The way UserLookup.cgi works is:

1 - Browser sees JS source tag. It is delt with like an additional graphic.
2 - Browser requests JS from server. The JS request actually runs my user-lookup.cgi program, the program checks your cookies to see if you are logged in, then outputs the results in a JS document.write statement.

There almost no additional processing for the browser (one source request, and one document.write).

As far as on the server end, with SSI the entire page would have had to be parsed. Running in JS mode, no page parsing, and UserLookup.cgi has to be run either way.

Please let me know how it works out for you...