Case Study: Wordy

Wordy wanted to know if their market understood them;
Gossamer helped them find out.

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Challenge is a new way for writers to copyedit their work. Writers could submit their copy to Wordy's hundreds of copyeditors who would go through written material and check for grammar, spelling, and even tone.

Given the novel idea, Wordy had to make sure that their site design and workflow made sense to its target market. With the service launching soon, Wordy needed to know if their message and implementation was getting across effectively before going live.


Utilizing our Usability Testing services, we were able to discover a wealth of knowledge about user expectations on Wordy's design and message. 8 people, all chosen from Wordy's target market, were asked to assess Wordy's beta design and give feedback based on their experience with the website.

Though the opinions they voiced gave us a solid understanding of their concerns, it was through the use of eyetracking technology and video feeds that we were able to uncover what they didn't say.

Observers in the next room were able to witness their actions and observe their behaviour, while documenting everything they had to say.


There's no substitute for design feedback than from your users. Gossamer Threads took opinions, concerns and confusions and went back to the drawing board to alleviate any kinks in Wordy's workflow and functionality.

In addition, the observational data collected allowed us to generate heatmaps and reverse heatmaps that really showed us how Wordy's target market interacted with the site, and what messages they saw. Content and layouts were adjusted to ensure the users see what was meant to be seen. launched with a 75% increase in sales within the first week and a 100% increase in daily sign-ups.

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In the first month after its relaunch, Wordy’s sales increased by 75% and there was a 100% increase in daily sign-ups.

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