Case Study: The Student Room

The Student Room was growing: Gossamer provided the insight and tools to do so well.

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The Student Room came to Gossamer Threads as a small student-centered forum needing room to expand on its existing website. Gossamer was already hosting the original site, which had recently been sold to new owners wishing to transform The Student Room into something much larger.


Ultimately, Gossamer took on a more integral role in the back-end of the website, acting as an offsite technical partner for The Student Room. Thorough advice and counsel were given, and many aspects of the site were reworked for added functionality. For example, the search function of the massive database was revised to offer more accurate results. By providing both big-picture thinking, and by handling all parts of the back-end, Gossamer was able to help The Student Room scale its growth to accommodate increased traffic and users.


Gossamer continues to provide technical consulting, hosting, and development, acting as an external IT department for The Student Room. Currently, The Student Room is the UK’s largest student social network with 2.8 million users per month, and 26,000 posts per day. It is ranked the 42nd largest forum on the web, and it is the largest student forum in the UK.

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Number of posts per day on the forum is over 26,000.


The Student Room is ranked the 42nd largest forum on the web.

They said:

GT's been an invaluable partner and a perfect fit for The Student Room. The combination of development and hands-on hosting services means we spend our time helping our site grow instead of chasing bugs and technical issues.

Chris Newson
Managing Director

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