Case Study: Start Local

Start Local needed to translate their vision of an online business directory into reality.

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Start Local saw opportunity in online regional business directories. They believed they could use the web to afford local businesses greater exposure through enhanced user interaction, integrated ratings, reviews, and social media. Starting from scratch, Gossamer Threads needed to translate this vision into a fully functional website in phases, adding to the feature set and functionality in relation to revenue growth. Meanwhile, large amounts of data would need organizing, importing, and geo-locating.


Gossamer Threads built a customized Gossamer Links framework for Start Local, hosted on a highly redundant cluster of servers in Gossamer Threads' data center. It was also optimized for speed and stability in part with the help of our page optimization service. Data was cleaned up and imported, and the search was thoughtfully constructed, allowing for complex filtering, in order to deliver the most relevant search results.

Results has gone on to outstrip established competitors in traffic and effectiveness; the network of sites has now grown to encompass other markets within North America, India and the UK, with over 1.7 million monthly visitors. Start Local is a solid example of how Gossamer can scale a code-base to support a growing business model without having to re-build.

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Start Local now receives more than 1.7 million monthly visitors.


Start Local averages 3.7 million monthly page views.

They said:

You really took our vision and made it happen. The highly skilled team at Gossamer Threads worked closely with us every step of the way to ensure the final product was exactly right. Availability of resources has never been a problem even though we're on the other side of the world, much appreciated.

- Managing Director

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