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AME Info started as a business directory; we helped them achieve a $27 million sale.

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AME Info began as a startup looking for a cost-effective platform to build its online Middle Eastern business directory on. Having decided that Gossamer Links was the most suitable application for their needs, AME Info asked Gossamer Threads to handle the details of its technical implementation and ongoing maintenance.


Gossamer Threads became a technical partner for AME Info, developing their online business directory on Gossamer Links, and providing a scalable clustered hosting solution as they moved into a high volume news portal. Gossamer helped manage the technical hurdles of providing a large amount of content in different formats: video, radio, podcasts, mobile and more.


With Gossamer acting as their technical partner, AME Info was freed up to focus on its strengths in sales and strategy. The successful news portal subsequently amassed over 226,000 news articles, and currently lists over 300,000 businesses in its directory. As a result of this success, the original AME Info founders grew the startup into a multi-million dollar company, which sold for $27 million.

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AME Info was sold for $27 milllion.


There are currently over 226,000 news articles posted on AME Info.

They said:

Gossamer Threads have been essential in the success of our heavily trafficked news portal. Gossamer's hosting platform has provided the performance and availability essential for delivering news. They are always pro-active with any problems and feel like real partners in the site.

Klaus Lovgreen

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