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While Greatmail was offering hosting, they started to see increased demand for their e-mail services. As a result, they decided to concentrate solely on providing reliable e-mail hosting with high availability, ample storage, spam filtering, and other desirable features. To do so well, they soon recognized that they either needed to add a large onsite team, or find a suitable technical partner that could ensure scalability while they grew the business.


Having already worked with Gossamer Threads, Greatmail looked to our team for added assistance. Our engineers responded by configuring a larger hosting environment for them, comprised of servers in a fully redundant cluster, all backed by Network Appliance filers. This was configured to scale quickly when Greatmail needed more space for hosting the POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts it offers, and for sending out large announcements. Gossamer now handles all of the technical architecture (e-mail management, IP addresses), allowing Greatmail to concentrate on business development and administration.


With a new robust server configuration, Greatmail can offer a much higher volume of e-mailing to their own clients, without having to deal with any of the technical details. This sort of a solution is a nice fit for many growing organizations, as it simply gives them more time to focus on their core business needs. Gossamer continues to work alongside Greatmail as a technical partner, offering consulting, hosting, and custom development services as required.

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Greatmail has relied upon Gossamer Threads’ products and services for 8 years.

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