Case Study: Flip Media

Flip Media needed streamlined communication; Gossamer made it happen.

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Flip Media is an ad agency in the Middle East that needed a way to streamline the communication and mail management of its offices, spanning 9 cities and 20 different languages. Although they were already using Microsoft Exchange, they wanted to find a more robust solution that would allow them to share creative assets, attachments, and e-mail between the different offices in a more efficient manner.


Gossamer Threads provided managed hosting of their e-mail through an installation of Zimbra: an open-source calendar, e-mail, and collaboration server that also allows for document storage and instant messaging. Along with the installation of Zimbra, Gossamer developed a variety of “zimlets”: custom-built extensions of Zimbra’s default functionality that allow for better integration with Flip Media’s customer management system.


Flip Media is an example of one of the larger installations of Zimbra, which helps them maintain their worldwide network through centralized calendars, e-mail, and creative assets. Gossamer’s tailored a complex hosting solution around Flip Media to provide a stable environment and integration with existing LDAP infrastructure. Gossamer continues to provide managed hosting environment for this Zimbra installation.

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Gossamer’s solution had to centralize communication for 9 offices around the globe.


The custom Zimbra installation had to function in 20 different languages.

They said:

“Gossamer [Threads] [has] provided us not only with an extremely reliable hosting solution but also with incredible high standards of service, technical know-how and advice in putting a hosting farm of 35 servers together that maximize the investments of our clients across the Middle East, India Europe and Africa. We have centralized all of our previously four decentralized server locations to Gossamer and can only recommend Gossamer further.“

– Martin Diessner, Group CEO
- Flip Holding Ltd.

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