Case Study: Blue Sky Footage

Blue Sky Footage had amazing footage; they came to Gossamer to showcase it.

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Blue Sky Footage approached Gossamer Threads with the desire to create a stock video website that would offer high-quality video, shot by cinematographers with impressive credentials. Part of their challenge was to streamline the parsing of many file formats from a single raw source file, while providing sufficient storage for their massive inventory of files.


Gossamer Threads worked with the Blue Sky to craft technical specifications on which an advanced website could be built. This plan made special provisions for incorporating the most complete set of video formats ever assembled on a stock footage site. In addition to the technical aspects of the site development (an extensively customized Gossamer Links install), Gossamer Threads participated actively in business decisions, crafting a user-friendly approach for an otherwise complex purchase and delivery process.


Blue Sky Footage now has a website that is easy to use and navigate that includes payment gateways. Built on a complex hosting platform, the configuration gives Blue Sky room to grow as they increase their user base, and create the opportunity for cinematographers to add their own content in the future. Blue Sky Footage is equipped with a comprehensive and stable platform to build the stock video website they had always envisioned.

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They said:

We've worked with a few other programming firms before on our highly complex website, but it was only Gossamer Threads that had the technical competence and solid project management to bring it to life.

Bill Mitchell and Laurie Schrader
- Blue Sky Stock Footage

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