Case Study: World Health Organization

The WHO relays critical information to many around the world.

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The World Health Organization came to Gossamer Threads with a need to better manage their website. They were using Bricolage, an enterprise open source content management system, to manage the large amount of information available on the site in all six official languages. They were struggling with a number of issues that made the process cumbersome: working across different languages, numerous people and departments, and large amounts of data that needed to be input into their content management system with efficiency and accuracy. This is an organization that needs stability, given the importance of their communiqués.


Gossamer Threads made a number of improvements to the core Bricolage source code in order to better suit the World Health Organization’s needs. They improved the multi-language support, integrated a Microsoft Word importer to assist with auto-formatting, and developed an inline editor that allows WHO staff to preview updates on the fly. Another useful addition to the code is the integration of a document analysis tool that automatically detects keywords and tags.


The World Health Organization now has an improved content management system that can work seamlessly across different languages, while providing a more streamlined approach to managing documents and content edits across many offices. Another benefit of this project is that Gossamer was also able to contribute back to the open source project by providing the new source code improvements and additions to the Bricolage community.

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The Bricolage installation supports 6 different languages for the World Health Organization.


Gossamer contributed more than 5 substantial feature modifications to the Bricolage source code, some of which include:

  • Microsoft Word importer
  • Previewable inline editing
  • Better multi-language support
  • XML integration
  • Auto-generator for keywords

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