Case Study: U.S. Department of Defense

The US DOD needed to share information between offices.
Gossamer developed the system for it.

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The US Department of Defense’s pharmaceutical branch needed a method of communication between its various head offices and pharmacies around the world. Security of data and high availability were of the utmost importance. The solution they were looking for needed to be seamlessly managed and maintained by the Department of Defense’s IT department.


After a number of penetration tests on Gossamer’s proprietary application, Gossamer Forum, Gossamer was given the green light to develop the infrastructure on which the Department’s shared data could be stored and communicated. Given the DOD’s choice to contract a company not based in the United States, the logistics of working together were onerous. Nevertheless, the DOD’s IT department felt strongly about Gossamer’s software and demonstrated stability.


The US Department of Defense was outfitted with a secure, high availability system that allows the many departments and pharmacies to communicate and share information. The system also acts as a large scale “discussion forum” of sorts, allowing the DOD’s many users to share massive amounts of data globally. This improves the quality of service provided to those needing pharmaceutical support within the US Department of Defense.

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