Gossamer Mail: Testimonials

Gossamer Mail is a feature-rich web-based email application with powerful customization tools and admin management options. Read what our clients are saying about Gossamer Mail.

“Just thought I'd drop a line in here to give potential customers an independent and non-biased opinion of GMail.

Firstly, I too was very thorough in my investigations of what web based email programs were currently available, visiting forums, asking questions, checking, and in general doing everything I could to ensure I made the right decision.

There is always a risk factor and nothing can really totally eliminate this but let me say, in all honesty, I am extremely impressed with the final product. It is powerful, damn quick and a joy to play and customize the HTML templates - but be careful here.

It also pays to read the requirements section and even copy and paste these requirements in an email off to your hosting company asking them to confirm they can meet requirements. Trust me, this will be worth your while.

Further, I was genuinely surprised with the level of support and advice Jack at GT gave me. Nothing too troublesome but it seemed that no matter what time of day I emailed him he replied promptly - which suggested his bed must be next to his computer!! You don't see this level of support anywhere anymore, well, at least I haven't.

“You guys have a superb product and have been extremely professional and supportive in every way possible.”
- Habib Zatar, Zorona

So impressed am I with the final outcome and the dealings I have had with Gossamer Threads, I've decided to post this honest and unprovoked comment here for all to see.

Best of luck everyone”
- Peter

“Your company's support and service has been truly excellent! I was again happy today that I chose your products to power the site, as I have been many times in the past. Hopefully I'll be able to purchase more products as you continue to innovate in the future!

With its unique ability to customize to a high degree and scale for wide ranging database application usage, has assured our long term commitment to use this product as our core database management technology for projects now, and in the future.”
- AMJones, The Idea Web

“For many years I searched for a program that would facilitate my work and increase my productivity, and all was in vain until I made a breakthrough by locating the search engine program links 2.0. The trust & professional respect towards the products of your company were rooted during the experience with your highly respected team.

During this period I was working with web based email tailored by other companies. Unfortunately, the features & support I required were not available in that software.

Upon your announcement of the first Demo of GM, I made sure I was one of the first to sign a purchasing order for Gossamer mail. Even though the Demo took more time than expected-to-be-released, at no point of time was there any doubt or suspicion in my mind due to the fact that your products proved to be unique in nature.

I, the founder of http://uvgotemail.com, testify that Gossamer Threads with the GM 2.03, pushed my company http://stockad.com to be one of the most competitive companies in the market.”
- Ali Diab, Uvgotemail

“After changing from another webmail solution [I have] finally been able to offer my users what I wanted all along: a stable, fast, customizable and user-friendly system that runs smoothly on my server with a minimum of work.”
- Jan Hviid Hemmingsen, Xtratime.com


Gossamer Mail comes with a very versatile plugin system that allows our growing user community to add new functionality without altering Gossamer Mail's core code.
The plugins can be downloaded and installed directly from your Gossamer Mail admin panel.


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