Gossamer Mail: Features

Core Features

Customizable Templates

Gossamer Mail is completely template based and all HTML/language data is stored within our easy to edit templates. This gives you the ability to brand your content and sell it to other sites, or just create a completely different look to your site without editing code. Additionally, by using multiple template sets, Gossamer Mail can be set up to display information in multiple languages. All language is kept separate from the code, meaning translation can be accomplished quickly and easily from your browser.

Spam Filters

Prevent unwanted emails from flooding your accounts. Gossamer Mail includes built-in SpamAssassin functionality, which performs spam checks on all outgoing and incoming mail. Gossamer Mail also features easy to use spam blocking, allowing users to create "blacklists" of email addresses and domains, from which no mail will be received. Administrators can also create blacklists, blocking designated addresses and domains from their entire Gossamer Mail installation.

XHTML & CSS Templates

Control the look of your site in depth and detail. Gossamer Mail's templates are written in XHTML and CSS, allowing you to make site-wide design changes by modifying just a single file. Our new CSS-based templates can be easily modified from within Gossamer Mail using the built-in template and CSS editors. Web developers can feel at home creating designs that meet exacting specifications, all without affecting the functionality of Gossamer Mail.

Unlimited Domains

Depending on your Gossamer Mail license, you can retrieve email from any number of different domains. This allows you to setup services to handle email for other sites, or handle email for your virtual hosting clients, and much more! A standard Gossamer Mail license supports five different domains. Gossamer Mail Professional supports up to one hundred domains, while Gossamer Mail Enterprise licenses have unlimited domain support.

Pluggable Authentication

Integrate Gossamer Mail seamlessly. Pre-existing user databases can be integrated into Gossamer Mail quickly and easily without requiring users to sign up again. All of the users of a web forum, for example, could be authenticated and then be able to log in to Gossamer Mail.

User Features


Make your emails stand out. Gossamer Mail's HTML editor makes it easy for you to create visually effective emails without having to know HTML coding. Change fonts, add color, bold phrases, or format your email anyway you want, all with a click of a button.

Save to Draft

Work on your schedule. Save unfinished emails and complete them later.

Recipient Auto-complete

Speed up your email session. In-line, auto-complete addresses provide quick and convenient access to recipients' addresses.

Message Preview

Maximize your time. Gossamer Mail features a mouse-over preview so that you can take a look at your messages before opening them. Simply hover over the message title and a pop-up will appear showing you the initial contents of the email.


Categorize your email. Gossamer Mail features an easy to use interface to organize your email. Folders can be nested to unlimited levels, and each individual folder can be ordered to your preference (date, size, name, etc).

Multiple Email Profiles

Manage all of your email easily. Gossamer Mail allows you to create different email profiles for your account, so that you can organize where replies will be sent. Send emails from your Gossamer Mail account, and set the return address to an alternate account.

Check Remote POP

Integrate multiple email accounts into one. Gossamer Mail can be configured to check remote POP email accounts, allowing you to efficiently consolidate your mail.

Inline Spell-check

Make sure your email is polished. Gossamer Mail's spell checking feature lets you know if a word is spelt incorrectly and offers clickable alternate words. Add special words, names, or abbreviations to the custom dictionary and Gossamer Mail will overlook them when you spell check.

Address Book

Organize your contacts. Gossamer Mail features an easy to use contacts-management system. Create a group and send emails to all members in that group with just one click. Admins can define a Global group of addresses that all Gossamer Mail users have access to. In addition, a CSV import feature allows you to upload existing address book data into your Gossamer Mail account.

Advanced Message Filters

Redirect emails to folders. Have Gossamer Mail organize your incoming mail based on settings you define. For example, all messages coming from a certain address or containing certain keywords in the subject line could be redirected to a certain folder.

Auto-add Recipients to Address Book

Expand your address book quickly and easily. Gossamer Mail allows you to automatically add the addresses of people that you are emailing to your address book.

Admin Features

User Statistics

Know your users. Users provide detailed information upon signing up which you can use to better suit their needs and interests. Your services, marketing efforts and overall site focus can benefit greatly from knowing a little more about your user-base. You can also create custom user fields to tailor the information collected about your users to your needs. Statistics on user activity, signup rate and message counts can all be viewed from the admin panel.

Flexible Incoming Mail Configurations

Add flexibility to your mail service. The Incoming Email menu allows you to configure how mail that is sent to your users will be processed and delivered by your Gossamer Mail database. There are four possible ways of processing incoming mail: Shared POP3, Shared Mbox, Piped Account and Individual Account.

Plugin Support

Expand your system's functions quickly and easily. Gossamer Mail's Plugin Manager gives access to a wide and expanding selection of free and pay plugins designed to extend the functionality of the program. In addition to accessing plugins created by Gossamer Threads and our developer’s community, you can create your own plugins to tailor Gossamer Mail to your own site's specific needs. Direct modification of the code is not required and plugins are not affected by future program upgrades.

User Management

Gossamer Mail gives you comprehensive user management capabilities. Define limits on inbox space, number and size of attachments, email profiles and remote POP accounts. Administrators have complete control over their users' accounts and are able to easily delete expired or inactive accounts.

Payment Packages

Gossamer Mail can be configured to receive payments from users in exchange for email account. Different payment levels can be set up, providing users with access to an email account for a period of time based on the amount they pay. Other user permissions can also be determined by the payment level a user selects: account space, maximum number of POP accounts and email profiles, whether spam checking will be enabled, whether a footer will be attached, etc. Recurring payments can be set up, automatically charging users regularly at set intervals. Separate fees can be configured for users who are renewing their accounts. Gossamer Mail supports PayPal, WorldPay, 2CheckOut, Moneris and Authorize.net.

Keep Spammers Out

Prevent spammers from abusing your Gossamer Mail system. Administrators limit the number of messages each user can send per day as well as the number of addressees each message can have. Limits can also be placed on the number and size of uploads that will be permitted.

Purge Mail

Keep your email database manageable. Messages on your Gossamer Mail installation can be searched for and purged using any criteria: number of days since their creation, sender, addressee, attachments, folder location, etc.

Email Users

Keep in touch with your user-base. An easy to use mass mailer allows you to send notices on upgrades or changes to your email service to all of your users or a group selected using any criteria.

Login as User

Log in to the account of any user on your installation from the admin panel without having to enter the user's username and password. This can be used to provide quick support to your users or ensure that your service is not being abused.

Custom Footers

Brand your service. Create custom text and HTML footers that will be appended to all outgoing mail sent using your installation. You can also set up payment levels that will or will not have these footers appended.