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Gossamer Mail
is a feature rich web based email application.

Gossamer Mail

Many websites use Gossamer Mail to provide their users with a feature-rich and easy-to-use webmail service; it includes all the features you'd expect to find in a quality web based email system, as well as many others you might not! From user customization to powerful admin management options, Gossamer Mail provides a well-rounded solution for your webmail needs.

With our dedicated Gossamer Threads support team behind you, enhancing your users' online experience has never been easier. You can easily add the convenience of webmail to your link-directory, forum, or any other web community.

Key Features

Customizable Templates

Gossamer Mail is completely template based: all HTML and language data is stored within our easy to edit templates. This gives you the ability to brand your content and sell it to other sites, or just create a completely different look to your site without editing code.


Make your emails stand out. Gossamer Mail's HTML editor makes it easy for you to create visually effective emails without having to know HTML coding. Change fonts, add color, bold phrases, or format your email anyway you want, all with a click of a button.

Keep Spammers Out

Prevent spammers from abusing your Gossamer Mail system. Administrators limit the number of messages each user can send per day as well as the number of addressees each message can have. Limits can also be placed on the number and size of uploads that will be permitted.

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Use Cases


GreatMail provides quality email hosting with Gossamer Mail in the spotlight. Numerous sites have outsourced its email operations to GreatMail and are benefiting from Gossamer Mail's feature-rich and flexible setup. GreatMail's re-branding demonstrates how easy it is to customize the look and feel of Gossamer Mail without affecting the core programming and functionality.


This site integrates Gossamer Mail with a suite of Gossamer products to provide users with seamless functionality. Custom templates are used to harmonize Gossamer Mail with the rest of the Big Fish Tackle site, and demonstrate the ease of integration with other Gossamer products. The possibilities are endless with Gossamer Mail, and enhancing your users' experience with a webmail service has never been easier.

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What others say

"After changing from another webmail solution [I have] finally been able to offer my users what I wanted all along: a stable, fast, customizable and user-friendly system that runs smoothly on my server with a minimum of work."

– Jan Hviid Hemmingsen


Gossamer Mail comes with a very versatile plugin system that allows our growing user community to add new functionality without altering Gossamer Mail's core code.
The plugins can be downloaded and installed directly from your Gossamer Mail admin panel.


We’re trusted with complex challenges because we stay up to date on web technologies. We and our community share knowledge in our Developers Area where we offer Mailing Lists, a Resource Centre, Discussion Forum and Developer Tools.