Gossamer List: Features

Core Features

Attachment Support

Gossamer List comes with attachment support so mailings can include a file attachment of any kind.

Mailing Management

Prepare messages to be sent to lists, then choose to send all mailings at once, or stagger mailings in specific groups to spread out the server load.You as the admin can review all mailings sent by yourself as well as by your users, or only specify only mailings from a certain period of time or sent by a particular user.

SQL Backend

Most major database servers, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL, can power gossamer List.

Customization & Support

Gossamer List is extremely modular. It features a robust plugin system allowing new and specialized features to the program without affecting the core program, making upgrades a snap. A detailed Instruction Manual and in-program help files are available, as well as our community-driven support forums.

User Features

Subscriber Management

With double opt-in support, Gossamer List can help ensure that your mailing lists are reaching only valid and legitimate subscribers. Users may create an optional Stop List; any addresses listed in a user's stop list will not be emailed, even if the email address exists within one of the user's mailing lists. Upon detection of a bounced email, Gossamer List can remove the invalid address from the system.

Automatically Generated Subscription Forms

Gossamer List can automatically generate HTML that adds forms to web pages which allows users to sign up for the mailing lists you create.

Admin Features

Templates & Language

Gossamer List is completely template based. All HTML data is stored within our easy to edit templates, allowing you to completely customize your installation's appearance from within the admin panel. English is not used within the Gossamer List code, allowing you to translate your entire installation into any language.

HTML Mail Support

In addition to HTML mail support for administrators and users, Gossamer List can automatically attach a text version for email clients that don't support HTML emails. The WYSIWYG HTML editor allows you to quickly create HTML mailings without entering cumbersome HTML tags.

Installation & Imports

Installation of Gossamer List can be performed from your browser. All you need to do is upload two files and run our web-based installer. Completely Web-based. Since it uses no configuration files, Gossamer List can be managed entirely from your admin panel. You can also take advantage of one free installation with each purchase of Gossamer List. Existing lists can easily be imported from a delimited text file.

Robust User Management

Review and manage not only your users' accounts, but also their messages and mailing lists.