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Manage your link directory
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Gossamer Links

Although it was designed to manage links, Gossamer Links can really help you manage any kind of directory. Some common uses include image galleries, large-scale phone directories, shopping directories, catalogue indexes, file archives, and search engine supplements.

Key Features

Platform and Database Flexibility

Gossamer Links can be powered by most major databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL are supported. In addition, Gossamer Links is compliant with almost all platforms: Windows, Linux, BSD, Solaris, Unix, etc.

Advanced Search

Find what you're looking for. Users can search your entire directory or specific categories for any or all terms they enter. Depending on the indexing scheme chosen by the admin, additional search parameters such as substrings and search weights can be utilised.

Language Independent

Cater to users of all languages. Through its support of multiple template sets, Gossamer Links can be set up to display information in multiple languages. All language is kept separate from the code, meaning translations can be accomplished easily from the admin panel.

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Use Cases


Two great implementations of Gossamer Links. Flash Kit's customized Gossamer Links installation brings its community together through allowing users to rate submissions and also by acting as a flash source file repository. Both the Image Gallery and Movie Directory are a shining example of how Gossamer Links can be used as more then just a text-based link directory.


Users of BigFishTackle can do just about anything; they can brag about their latest catch and upload a picture on the Wall of Fame, add videos depicting their exciting fishing excursions, read and submit articles on their hobby, and even buy and sell fishing equipment through a classifieds service. The site also provides users with a forum and webmail service, so users can always keep in touch and discuss their beloved pastime. In addition, since Gossamer Links can generate static pages for all its content, SEO has never been easier.

AME Info

www.ameinfo.comAME Info
Another one of Gossamer Threads' premier clients. AME Info uses an extensive suite of Gossamer products to create "The Ultimate Middle East Business Resource." A heavily customised installation of Gossamer Links provides visitors with up-to-date news and interaction with the site. Users can recommend news stories and browse through articles by industry or headlines. Gossamer Host provides AME Info with lightning fast load times and allows AME Info to expand effortlessly in a mod_perl environment.

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What they say

I whole heartedly recommend Links SQL as a robust and scaleable system and the team at Gossamer are second to none. Having worked on ebusiness projects for many years Gossamer have done themselves considerably proud and look forward to building our relationship further.”

– Simon Roberts


Gossamer Links comes with a very versatile plugin system that allows our growing user community to add new functionality without altering Gossamer Links' core code.
The plugins can be downloaded and installed directly from your Gossamer Links admin panel.


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