Gossamer Forum: License

Gossamer Forum is free to download, modify and use for the 30 day trial period. You are not allowed to redistribute Gossamer Forum in any form without prior written consent. In addition, you must keep the Gossamer Forum link active and visible in the program. Restrictions will be removed once a license has been purchased. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Upgrade Policy Installation Support
  • All upgrades within the version number (i.e. all 1.x releases) are always free — never have to pay for bug fixes, and all other upgrades are free for one year. You may upgrade to newer versions for US$75.
  • You are responsible for performing the upgrade, we charge $75 US to do the upgrade.
Not Included - We charge US$75 for installation 30 days of priority e-mail support

The evaluation copy is a full Gossamer Forum install. When you purchase a license, you simply unlock your existing copy; you do not need to reinstall.

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