Gossamer Community: Features

Core Features

Full Integration

Gossamer Community provides a single point of authentication for all your Gossamer applications with an integrated login system; users only have to login once to access multiple applications.

Limitless Potential

There is no theoretical limit as to the number of applications Gossamer Community can support, third party applications, with some custom code, can be modified to hook into the Community database to authenticate users.

Easy Maintenance

Each user has a universal password, email address and other profile options that is used throughout all the GT scripts allowing for easy maintenance.

Easy to Edit HTML Templates

No html or language is contained within the Gossamer Community perl code; all user-side language can be edited from within our user-friendly html templates, language and globals systems.

Spam/Bot Prevention

To cut down on fraudulent user signup, Community implements an email validation process as well as a security image-check during signup. All IPs are logged as well.

Import/Export Databases

Easy to use administrative import/export user tool bundled in Community facilitates the import of existing user databases from Links SQL, Gossamer Forum, Gossamer Mail and DBMan SQL.

Account Sign-up Monitoring

Gossamer Community includes options to restrict users signing up with certain non-desirable usernames as well as restricting access to particular domains for Gossamer Mail accounts.

Who's Online

A Who's Online feature lists all users who are logged in to Community.

Manageable User Database

A fully featured Users Management section allows the administrator to add, delete and modify users' records easily and quickly.