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Provide a single point of authentication
for all your Gossamer applications.

Gossamer Community

Gossamer Community provides you with a core user database for all of your Gossamer Threads scripts. Community integrates the user-based services your website provides, providing your visitors with a much more streamlined and convenient online experience.

Your users can check their webmail at your site, post a message on your forums, and shop the online catalog you've created with DBMan SQL, all without having to login multiple times.

Key Features

Full Integration

Gossamer Community provides a single point of authentication for all your Gossamer applications, thus enabling an integrated login system where users only have to login once to access multiple applications.

Limitless Potential

There is no theoretical limit as to the number of applications Gossamer Community can support, third party applications, with some custom code, can be modified to hook into the Community database to authenticate users.

Import and Export Databases

Easy to use administrative import/export user tool bundled in Community facilitates the import of existing user databases from Links SQL, Gossamer Forum, Gossamer Mail and DBMan SQL.

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Use Cases


Using Gossamer Community as its backbone, skydivers from all over the world can interact with each other with ease and enhanced usability. Users are able to post on forums, add product reviews, check e-mail, and add/review/discuss dropzones under one login! In addition, user profiles can be checked and private messages sent, allowing users to establish connections through the common interest of skydiving.


As another of Gossamer Threads' premier clients, Rockclimbing.com connects rock-climbers and enthusiasts through the seamless integration of our Gossamer Threads products. Gossamer Community allows users, through just one log-in, to post videos, participate in forums, check e-mail, add route locations and review everything from videos, products, articles and much more.

Enabled Programs

The following programs are currently supported in Gossamer Community:

Need Hosting?

Why not use a host that is set up specifically for Gossamer Threads products? If you are interested in outsourcing your Gossamer Community installation, we can provide you with dedicated servers that have been tuned to run Gossamer Community.

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Gossamer Community comes with a very versatile plugin system that allows our growing user community to add new functionality without altering Gossamer Community's core code.
The plugins can be downloaded and installed directly from your Gossamer Community admin panel.


We’re trusted with complex challenges because we stay up to date on web technologies. We and our community share knowledge in our Developers Area where we offer Mailing Lists, a Resource Centre, Discussion Forum and Developer Tools.