FileMan: Testimonials

FileMan gives you a way to access your website's files and directories through any compatible browser. Read what a few customers are saying about FileMan.

“Dear FileMan 2 development team, Congratulations for the terrific project, I was looking for some similar thing but I needed to use 3 different apps to get the same result. I have no words to thank Gossamer Threads. The best descriptions about it are AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, TERRIFIC, WIZARD, COOL, EASY, LOGICAL and more.”
- Paul Lopes
Ac-Digital Corp.

“I just installed FileMan and felt moved to send my compliments to the chef. I'm a self-taught Perl/PHP/MySQL hacker with a few years of experience and seldom have I seen such a well-designed application, both the frontend and under the hood. I'm also impressed with the level of support and expertise evident in your support forums. Thanks!”
- Matt Elrod
Drug Sense

“Having just downloaded your single user version of FileMan, I can only say that, I am Stunned! Having been on the net since 1996, and downloaded a hell of a lot of programs to play with, your FileMan would have to be one of the most remarkable bits of coding that I have seen. To have something not only install without and trouble, working without any problems, and do more than you'd hope for is a very rare thing! But your FileMan has done this for me. Rarely to I send comments, but felt I had to make an exception is this case as your programming solved all the problems and hassles I was having with my web hosting in one swoop. Thank you! I hope you can continue to provide your single user version for free, as it is the most useful bit of coding that I found in 6 years of surfing.” - Paul McBeath

“I was absolutely delighted from the first version of FileMan, now I've downloaded and (super easy) installed the second version and it's an outrageously good program! I use it to upload local changed websites and scripts over our proxy server because it's faster than our ISDN line and cheaper because the DSL-Proxy has a flat rate. The only thing I've subsequently changed was the overwrite checkbox of the upload dialogue; I've checked it forever, because I need to overwrite the files permanently.”
- Jens

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