FileMan: Features

Core Features

'AJAXified' User Interface

FileMan utilizes AJAX throughout its interface, allowing for a slicker user experience. Using the jQuery library, smooth transitions and enhanced usability makes file management a breeze.

Auto Installer

Our installation program automatically unarchives everything and set permissions. No more editing text files: everything is controlled from the web.

No System Calls

There are no system calls in FileMan 2: everything is implemented in Perl. This results in quicker performance and will function on both Windows and Unix servers.

User Features

Improved HTML Editor

The FileMan HTML editor has been greatly improved. Driven by Tiny MCE, you now have access to a multitude of options and formatting tools.

Password Protect Directories

Includes support to manage .htaccess and .htpasswd files, allowing you to password protect directories on Apache (disabled in demo).

No Frames

Those who used previous versions of FileMan will be glad to hear that it is now frameless. You'll find only a valid XHTML/CSS, table-free implementation.

Perl Check

Quickly check the syntax of any Perl file: just select the file and click on Perl (disabled in demo).

Luna Template Set

Keeping with the look and feel of our Gossamer Threads suite of products, we've converted FileMan to the classic Luna templates we've all come to love.

Users can quickly find files using our built in search feature. You can search by filename, or by the actual contents of files. Users can perform search and replace commands on entire directories or selected files.

System Commands

FileMan lets you run system commands, providing a virtual shell account; great for systems that don't provide any shell access (disabled in demo).

Tail & Diff

View the last n lines of a large file (a large access log, for example) quickly and efficiently. View the differences between two text files and review changes in standard diff format.

Tar Management

FileMan can create, view, or extract from tar files or .tar.gz files (requires optional Compress::Zlib module). Create backups of your system quickly by clicking on the directory and selecting Tar.

Admin Features

Powerful User Management

View users quickly by username, or easily search for them via e-mail address, directory or any other field. And now, admins can manage users from within their own login; no more admin.cgi necessary.

Customizable User Commands & Access

You can enable or disable all commands for any user. Users are only given access to the directories you specify (unless you allow Command or Perl options in which case it is possible to get outside of the given directory).