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Manage your website
through a powerful web-based file manager.


FileMan provides you a way to quickly and easily access your website's files and directories through any compatible browser. You can perform many tasks including creating and editing html files using a WYSIWYG editor, uploading one or multiple files with ASCII/binary transfer capability, searching for files based on file names or full text searches, replacing files, and much more.

FileMan also includes a powerful archive management system, allowing you to create, view extract .tar files as well as .tar.gz files.

Key Features

Improved HTML Editor

The FileMan HTML editor has been greatly improved. Driven by Tiny MCE, you now have access to a multitude of options and formatting tools.

'AJAXified' User Interface

FileMan utilizes AJAX throughout its interface, allowing for a slicker user experience. Using the jQuery library, smooth transitions and enhanced usability makes file management a breeze.

Tar Management

FileMan can create, view, or extract from tar files or .tar.gz files (requires optional Compress::Zlib module). Create backups of your system quickly by clicking on the directory and selecting Tar.

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What they say

“I just installed FileMan and felt moved to send my compliments to the chef... seldom have I seen such a well designed application, both the frontend and under the hood. I'm also impressed with the level of support and expertise evident in your support forums. Thanks!”

– Matt Elrod

Need Hosting?

Why not use a host that is set up specifically for Gossamer Threads products? If you are interested in outsourcing your FileMan installation, we can provide you with dedicated servers that have been tuned to run FileMan.

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