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Suggestion--for using GM for paid mail services

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Suggestion--for using GM for paid mail services

Suggestion 1
Would the following be implemented in your future release so as to enable automated handling of signup for paid email services:

(A):Temp ID Database Generated By Admin from time to time and these temp id's are then sold thru distributors.
(B)New User Signup: The New USer signup should have a field for Temp ID which has to be necessarily filled for signing up. This has to be validated against the Temp ID values in the database.
(C)Disable Temp ID Once the user has signed up using a particular Temp ID that ID should no more be usable and if anyone is trying to force the way thru there should be a Message that This ID has already been used for Signing up.

Suggestion 2

Predefined Subjects (defined by the administrator during the setup. According to the number of Subjects defined (example Support, Feedback, Complaints etc) so that the user only has to select from the drop down menu.

During Setup, depending upon the subjects selected the Folders (for the incoming mail) should be created automatically. These folders should not be deletable untill done by Admin that too only upon Modifying/ Removing a Subject from the predefined list.

the user shall have the option of selecting the subject from the predefined subjects or type a new subject.

All the incomin mail is then sorted by the subject field and moved to the corresponding folders automatically.

All the new subject mails go to the inbox

The user should be able to see the status in each folder once he/she logs in

may be I may sound too silly, but these aspects shall greatly enhance the usability of GM


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