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Oct 22, 2021, 11:14 AM
We enjoy Popeye's. There's no way around it. They have actually typically won the "finest fried chicken award" in Atlanta. The batter is crunchy and also yummy however not also thick. There is initial and hot flavors. You could obtain a small section, upgrade to breast just meat or obtain a huge portion. They have sides like unclean rice that are very tasty. Their chicken is crispy, juicy along with full-flavored, and also the red beans and also rice are habit forming. As well as if you like a buttery tasting biscuit, this is the the area to go. In our opinion, this is THE BEST fried chicken in the USA. Their chicken is battered as well as fried. The batter is their secret recipe and also it's crispy, savory and entirely really enjoyable. The original recipe is what we usually obtain. The initial flavor is called mild. Yet there is additionally a hot dish as well. Their food is maintained fresh. They do not compose a huge batch as well as allow it rest for hours. This makes sure that you fume, tasty and succulent items when you put in your order. You can order breast meat just if you like. This is typically an upcharge. To some people it deserves it. We want to obtain both dark and also white meat. Lots of people don't know about the sandwiches. That's regrettable. Since these sandwiches are yummy and very easy to eat. In the South we have a sandwich called a Po Boy. We believe this name began in Louisiana. But anyways they makes a Po Boy with Chicken or Fish and shellfish. So you got a pair points to attempt. popeyes louisiana chicken Learn more: http://friedchickennearme.tumblr.com/

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