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v.1.06 Bug -> $root (_parse_includes)

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v.1.06 Bug -> $root (_parse_includes)
There seems to be a bug with the sub _parse_includes in the
Template.pm module.

When I go to the login page, I get the following error:

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Can't load included file: '/header.txt' (No such file or directory)

The problem is with the following codes:


my $root = $self->{root};

When I changed the above codes to the following:


my $root = "/absolute/path/to/my/mysqlmandirectory/templates";

the script works fine.

BTW: While the "automatic" detection of the script path seems to
work, I still had to add:


use lib '/absolute/path/to/my/mysqlmandirectory';

And I am using Perl 5.00503 in my server.


Eliot Lee