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Trying to export specific users & emails

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Trying to export specific users & emails
HI, I hope someone can help me out here.

I've got community running on top of links, forums and webmail. I am intending to start a monthly newsletter but, due to the current laws, I need people to opt in to the mailing list - I have this question on their original sign up form when registering to the site.

Now I can extract users who have opted in, but what I need to be able to do is extract new users each month so I can add them into my mailing list program which also handles unsubscribe queries - hence the reason I can't just extract the whole list each month from mySql, as some of those people may have hit unsubscribe and I have no way of knowing who they are.

Have I rambled on long enough. Cut right down in length I need to be able to query mySql to export users who have opted in to the mailing list and ALSO joined the site since a certain date and only have them returned in the results.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.