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SQL Dump... backup?

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SQL Dump... backup?
** Disclaimer: From a MySQL novice.

We want to use MySQLMan as a manual backup utility, using SQL Dump.
Comments? Is this a reasonable solution [we have 50 tables]?

Is there a "doc" available explaining these oprions:
CREATE TABLE statements and INSERT statements ?

Shoud I be concerned with the above options, or could we simply do a "dump to screen" and save the file?

Should we need to Restore from the above dump file, how would we do that?

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Re: [jmueller] SQL Dump... backup? In reply to
Yes, using the SQL DUMP function will allow you to backup your data and schema in one operation.

With regards to the rest of your questions, yea, go to:


there are TONS of documents and tutorials for you to read, or buy a MySQL book.
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