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Problems setting Privileges

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Problems setting Privileges
I am teaching myself to use mysql and php

I have installed MysqlAdmin which I have succesfully used to set up a test database 'houses' with approx 1200 records.

I am now anxious to make my setup 'secure', but am having some difficulties

I have set up mysql as follows:
host: 'localhost' user: 'admin' password: '*******' (full set of privileges)
This works OK for access via localhost, i.e. my password is required but

1) I can access mysql via MysqlMan with full privileges by logging on as
host:" *******.serve.co.uk" (my root host address) user: admin without the need for a password.
I edited the mySql user table via mySqlAdmin and deleted two rows containing hostname *******.serve.co.uk' but this did not stop me accessing mysql as above.

Q1: How do I password protect or disable access via host ******.serve.co.uk user 'admin'?

2) I set up a new user 'shakespeare' to access only the database shakespeare as follows:

shell> mysql --user=admin --password=****** mysql

mysql> GRANT USAGE ON shakespeare.* TO shakespeare@localhost

mysql> user/bin/mysqladmin -u shakespeare hamlet

This kind of worked, so that I can login to MysqlMan using username 'shakespeare' password 'hamlet'

But after logging in as shakespeare, I can read all the other databases on localhost including mysql. Shouldn't I only see db 'shakespeare'?

Also 'shakespeare' is not listed as a user in mysql user table viewed through MySqlMan

Q2: How do I restrict user shakespeare to only see database 'shakespeare'?

MySqlMan mysql.cfg is set up as follows:

# --------------------------------------------------------
# Mysqlman allows user to skip the login page and connect
# to a database directly. (On = 1, Off = 0)
direct_connect => 0,

# Database used.
direct_db => 'mysql',

# Host to connect to.
direct_host => 'localhost',

# Port. Standard port will be used if not specified.
direct_port => '',

# User name and password.
direct_user => 'root',
direct_pass => '*********',

I am a beginner at this and though I have looked at the Privileges section of the mysql user manual on the mysql website I am still a bit perplexed.

Any responses to Q1 and Q2 above would be helpful or perhaps I am missing something fundamental here.

Do I need to do anything else to 'root' ? I have password protected this

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Re: Problems setting Privileges In reply to
This line in my post above:
"shell> mysql --user=admin --password=****** mysql"
should read
"shell> mysql --user=shakespeare --password=****** mysql"

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Re: Problems setting Privileges In reply to
First, before driving yourself crazy, when you make _any_ permissions changes to the mysql table, you need to restart/reload the server.

The permissions table is not reread until you force it.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/