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Problem with DBD::mysql

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Problem with DBD::mysql
Hi Everyone,
I know this is a classic problem, and hope someone will shed more light. I installed mysql and it is working fine. installed MySQLMan for evaluation (along with other products from this site) and when i execute mysql.cgi i get the classic message that it is not finding DBD::mysql.

I have DBI.pm , DBD.pm, mysql.pm all residing in the same directory where mysql.cgi is located.

When I forced an absolute path in the line :
use lib '/usr/home/iar/usr/local/etc/httpd/cgi-bin';
DBI.pm is successfully located (if i rename it i'll get the error that DBI is not found- so i can say that it is succesfully locating DBI.pm).

The question is , why DBD.pm or mysql.pm are not located knowing that they exist in the same folder as DBI.pm ?

I downloaded from CPAN DBI.pm , DBD.pm ,mysql.pm , are these final products to just copy? or they need to be installed using Bundle::DBD ? i wont be able to install because i'm not been able to override the defaults and it is always trying to install in the perl version on the physical root (i have a virtual server) and I cannot write to the physical root (permission denied).

I beleive there should be a way to configure mysql.cgi to look up all these .pm from an absolute path , not counting on ISP perl version.

Another thing if someone could email me DBI.pm , DBD.pm , mysql.pm using FreeBSD (precompiled) so maybe mine are not OK.

Please advise.

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Re: Problem with DBD::mysql In reply to
Think of "objects" has sub-classes of each other...

The script is using DBD as the main object and mysql as the sub-object or class.


The :: separates the objects.

Thus you need to create a directory called DBD, then stick DBD.pm and mysql.pm in that directory.


Eliot Lee