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No login ?

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No login ?
I set up mysqlman after some little probīs. Now I can call the start page and I see the two databases (mysql und
When I try to access any of the databases, I have to enter the Username and the password, get the message "host, user, password stored" and then I come back to then entry screen. I can not see any records.
With "webmin" I have no problems to see all the data.
I already tried it with different users, passwords und hostīs, n change.

Any hintīs ??

Thanks JJ

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Re: No login ? In reply to
I have the same problem. But I found that if I change the direct connect to 1 as shown below,

# --------------------------------------------------------
# Mysqlman allows user to skip the login page and connect
# to a database directly. (On = 1, Off = 0)
direct_connect => 1,

and then enter the dababase that was already set up and the username and password for that database, it works. But if I leave off just the password, it goes through the endless cycle of asking for the password - even though I put in the same password.

The system can be used OK with the username and password entered into the direct connect - but ANYONE can use it then.

I hope someone with more understanding of this problem will give us some help.

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Re: No login ? In reply to
I am trying to set up a web site on www.surecity.com . MySQL Man is the tool for accessing the database
& I too am having immense difficulty in getting past the login screen. I also receive the following error message:
Login failed. Please enter another hostname/username/password.

Yet I am using the information supplied to me to logon.

Any suggestions, please?

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Re: No login ? In reply to
I having problems with this too. In fact, the program won't run at all for me unless I store the login and password. This seems like a security risk to me. I ended up just password protecting the directory with an .htaccess file, but I still don't like it. Other users who have access my server can still look at the file and get the mysql root password. I trust most of my users, but you never know.. If anyone finds a way around this please let me know.