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No Login On Hosted Sites?

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No Login On Hosted Sites?

is it possible that the script does not work on hosted web sites? I mean sites, where the webspcae is only rented from a web hoster (e.g. like Strato or even Gossamer). Is it necessary to have "root" access rights?


We have rented webspace with Hetzner. The OS is FreeBSD. They installed mySQL database for us and gave us the info about the database name, the user id, and the password.

If I access the server via telnet, and if I enter

mysql -h..... -u...... -p......

I can access the database.

If I enter the same information into the login screen of MySQLMan, it always fails.
Error messages: "Login failed" or "Cannot connect to msql server".

Also entering "localhost" for the host name field or leaving it blank has no effect!

Can the script only be run on a server "owned" by us?

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Re: No Login On Hosted Sites? In reply to
Indeed, it seems to be impossible to use the script without being "root" on hosted sites.


I found a solution/workaround! Indeed, it is impossible to login via the normal login
panel. I guess it is because we are only hosted, we are not owner of the server,
therefore we do not have "root" access to create new databases!

But, the script has the possibility to "direct_connect"!!

And that's the only way for me to get in! I filled out the corresponding fields in
"mysql.cfg" and now it works fine!!!

A great help, this script!!! :-)

Kind regards.


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Re: No Login On Hosted Sites? In reply to
That's probably pretty close, for some servers, but I've installed this program on several hosted webservers, and never had a problem. really.

The program takes whatever UID and PW you supply, along with the machine name, and logs you into the MySQL server.

The MySQL server then controls what permissions you have.

For instance, if your ID is USER24 and your PW is w8s2k1, and the database machine is on mysql.myisp.com you'd enter those values in the log-on screen.

Then, you'd be presented with the list of all the databases on the MySQL server.

When you click on them, you'd get an access denied, or enter password prompt.

When you click on your database, you'd get access, and be shown the tables.

This is how it's worked for me on all the shared servers I've installed it on.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/

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Re: No Login On Hosted Sites? In reply to

That's exactly what I thought, too. But it failed. See my initial entry:

If I enter the "mysql" command on the bash command line, it's no problem.
Entering the same info on the login panel ---> Error!

Funny, isn't it?


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Re: No Login On Hosted Sites? In reply to
Without actually getting on your machine, and giving things a try, I couldn't figure it out.

But, some times, for whatever reasons, you do have to hard-code the paths in, since the environment is not properly recorded.

FAQ: http://www.postcards.com/FAQ/LinkSQL/