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MySQL --> GPL and more

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MySQL --> GPL and more
Check out the http://mysql.com site.

Some interesting things -- transaction processing (soon), the current beta and future releases under the GPL, true open source, and significant investment by outside companies to further the development.

the http://mysql.org site seems to be down, but the mysql.com site now has the full mirror of it, and maybe they've merged (?)

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I can't help but see this as a good thing for mysql. Not being GPL (even though it was free) was the only thing stopping it from being bundled with almost all of the major linux distrobutions. I think now you'll see mysql included in almost all linux distros.



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Re: MySQL --> GPL and more In reply to
And,so far it seems to be.

Check out http://mysql.com/ to see how far several companies have taken the product in the past few months.

row-level locking, integrated apache/php/mysql/linux packages, and more.

These be exciting times.

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