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More MySQL 4/ MySQLMan problems

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More MySQL 4/ MySQLMan problems
I'm suprised no-one is encountering problems with mysqlman and mysql4 as there seem to be several issues I've come across. Is no-one running mysql 4 yet?

Anyway latest. If you do a 'SQL Dump' in Mysqlman 1.09 it produces code like:

# MySQL dump# Generated by MySQLMan 1.09 (http://gossamer-threads.com/scripts/)
# Host: localhost Database: magellan
# Table structure for table 'Sales'
CREATE TABLE Sales ( SalesID int(10) unsigned DEFAULT '' NOT NULL auto_increment,
ProductID int(10) unsigned ,
DealerID int(10) unsigned DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL , Territory varchar(10) ,
ReportDate date ,
Amount float(6,2) ,
DateLoaded timestamp(14) ,
# ----------- Dump ends -----------

And this refuses to load using 'SQL Monitor ' with Mysql man talking to a version 4 database. Problem is that DEFAULT '' is not legal in mysql 4 and

sql aborts. Since the field is autoinc the DEFAULT '' is not actually needed. If this is removed it loads ok but its rather tedious doing this for all the tables where you have an autoinc field.

regards doug
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Re: [dougrobb] More MySQL 4/ MySQLMan problems In reply to
Nope...hosting companies are still running MySQL 3.X versions. No immediate plans to upgrade either.
Buh Bye!