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Modify enum type error

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Modify enum type error
Can anyone help me with this one...

I'm trying to change an enum field in LinksSQL using mysqlman - what I'm doing is adding in 'NATIONAL' to the list - but it's giving me the error below and seems to be cutting off the last member of the list - you'll see it as 'W. Can someone tell me how I can get this entry in there without cutting it off? Also, adding a new one to the list won't stuff up existing links in the database or anything will it?

Thanks in advance.



MySQL said: You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'INTERNET ONLY' ' at line 1.

Query: ALTER TABLE Links CHANGE Region Region enum('INTERNET ONLY','NATIONAL','Auckland','Bay Of Plenty','Canterbury','Eastland & Hawkes Bay','Marlborough & Nelson','Northland','Otago & Southland','Southern Lakes','Taranaki & Wanganui','Taupo & Tongariro','Waikato & Coromandel','Wellington & The South','W) NULL DEFAULT 'INTERNET ONLY'