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Login failed!

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Login failed!
There is a direct_connect variable in mysql.cfg. If I use it and fill in database_name, host, name, password all works fine. But when I try to login without direct_connect I get
Login failed. Please enter another hostname/username/password
What should I do?

P.S Sorry for bad English Frown
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Re: [Diablo] Login failed! In reply to
I have the same problem. Has anyone solved this? I can telnet in, login as administrator, switch to root and start up mysql using the mysql password. When I use localhost/root/password to login to mysqlman, it fails? I am on my own dedicated server, so I know that mysql is running on my server. By the way, I can change the direct connect to "1" in the .cfg file and then it takes me in to whatever database I specify. So I know I've got the password correct. Any help appreciated.

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