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Importing query

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Importing query

I am trying to use MySQL man to import some specific fields into my database without success Unsure

Having exported them from a Windows based application into a delimited txt file, I have the following data:

1|Golf Courses|0|Golf Courses
2|Golf & Country Clubs|0|Golf & Country Clubs
3|Driving ranges|0|Driving ranges
4|England|1|Golf Courses/England

where "|" is the delimiter.

The four specific fields are ID, Name, FatherID and Full_Name.

Using the import function on MySQL, I have performed the following:

(1) selected the file off my PC
(2) selected the specific fields using the checkbox, and moved the four fields over to the 'selected' box
(3) local import & do not show error message both checked
(4) fields: delimiter "|"
(5) fields: escape character "blank"
(6) records: delimiter "\n"
(7) records: Ignore first "0" lines

but I just get garbage imported into the fields. I have tried playing around with the fields / records with no success.

Any suggestions as to where I may be going wrong?

Thanks in advance

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Re: [valiant] Importing query In reply to
Try "\r\n" as record delimiter.
This is the Windows newline standard.

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