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Import problems: can't find tempfile.pm

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Import problems: can't find tempfile.pm
I'am running mysqlman in mandrake linux 8.2 (Mysql version 3.23.??). The database is workin fine but i'am not able to import data from a delimited file. i'm using default options in the import query page.

I'am getting an error message that says "can't find tempfil.pm(or temp.pm)". The file in the GT folder. when i move it to root folder then predictbly another file i missing. Am i doing something wrong or is it a compatibility problem? I can post the whole debug info if required

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Re: [shutupmukul] Import problems: can't find tempfile.pm In reply to
Sounds like a CHMOD problem. Could you post all the debug info?

Andy (mod)
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